Wireless Carplay Connectivity Tutorial 2021

With months of rampant speculations, the first truly wireless CarPlay system made its debut in May. The Alpine iLX 107 wireless carplay receiver began shipping late in May of this year. In this short article we take a quick look at this innovative new technology.

How does it work? CarPlay is a plug and play device that operates just like an iLocalis pro (sold separately) which enables you to stream and watch music, videos, and even takes support for all of your social media accounts. All of this is accomplished wirelessly via the small and sleek Alpine iLX 107 wireless carplay receiver, which utilizes the USB connection on the iPhone for charging and data transmission. There is no need to install any software on your vehicle to take advantage of this technology as it works on all vehicles manufactured after 2021.

Most newer vehicles still do not support wireless carplay although most manufacturers are quickly catching up with this emerging technology. Most recent vehicles use ATEX connectors and therefore you will have to make sure that your vehicle uses the same ATEX connectors as your iLocalis system so that the switch can be made back to wireless mode. You may also need to make a note of your vehicle’s specifications to see if it supports wireless carplay as some systems may not recognize or use the latest USB ports available on newer vehicles. You can find most compatible units online, as most vendors now carry these in stock and offer free shipping and handling.

When should you get wireless carplay? If you’re using an iDVD player with your vehicle then this new technology will be ideal as you won’t ever need to carry around a separate device for this purpose again. You will also save money by being able to watch your favorite movies or TV shows while you’re driving. Some of these units even allow you to watch full-length movies without having to pause in between! This means that you’ll never miss a scene again and you can enjoy hours of entertainment in one spot.

If you’re using an older version of ioserhd then you may still be using a wired connection but it will have fallen out of fashion and will be much harder to find. The older ios devices also tend to be quite large and heavy which may restrict how many directions you can move the remote without hitting something. A wireless player will therefore allow you to easily move the remote without hitting anything and this can make things easier and safer for drivers. If you’re using an ios system without a wireless option then you are probably relying on Bluetooth auto detection that has been disabled due to the size and weight of the units.

Wireless Carplay is not just for those who use older vehicle models either as they are also starting to come backwards in the shape of modern designs. More modern head units have been designed with iPods and other types of media players in mind, so if you prefer to listen to your music using headphones then a wireless player is the way to go. When you add wireless Carplay functionality to your vehicle, you are also able to add wireless internet to it which means that you can surf the web on the go which will be especially useful if you frequently take trips in your car. With all these wireless car features, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite media whilst still driving responsibly.