What’s the best Spy app on the market?

So if you think your partner is cheating on you, look no further. Today I am going to show you the best free spy app on the market for free. It’s available on iOS and Android and will allow you to view the messages of Facebook messenger, contacts imessage and whats apps all within the app. The app is called iSpy Pro and isn’t you can’t just download this app of the apple store….. Apple don’t like apps like these. We’re going to have to get off a website that has the files hosted. Please watch this youtube video here to understand: free spy app

As you can see by watching the video, it’s super easy to install. Make sure to do the troubleshooting techniques like the youtuber mentions, so make sure background app refresh is turned on and so on… It should only take 5 minutes to install the app and then you can start spying.

You may ask, is this illegal? No, the app is just connecting to the servers and showing you the information. It’s probably an invasion of privacy but if you really do think they are cheating on you, you should download this app and see.