Top 5 Unfollow Apps for Instagram

Ever since the world was introduced to Instagram, people have been obsessed with it. The social media platform was started as a place to share pictures and videos of one’s life with their followers, but now Instagram has become this mega platform that is capable of being someone’s source of income and where they make their livelihood from, be it fashion bloggers, beauty gurus, travel vloggers or small businesses. Over the span of 10 years, Instagram has amassed a huge number of users, all of whom follow some or the other of these users.


Speaking of followers, have you ever been in a situation where you follow someone but they don’t follow you back? It can be irritating to know this unless you weren’t expecting them to follow you back. But either way, it can be interesting to have insights into who follows or unfollows you, so that you can take your steps accordingly. If you wish to keep track of your follower count, you can use an unfollow app for Instagram that will help you do so.


Here are the top unfollow apps for Instagram:

  • Follower Analyzer: Like the name, this app analyzes the activity of your followers on your profile. These apps will give you insights on who follows, who doesn’t follow you back, who likes your pictures and comments on them the most (who is termed as a fan), Who has never liked or commented on your posts, who has unfollowed you, basically everything you can ask for in terms of follower analytics.
  • The unfollow app this youtuber uses: unfollow app
  • Followers for Instagram: This app lets you know who follows you, who unfollowed you, who you don’t follow back, and who doesn’t follow you back. This app also lets you unfollow users through the app and remove ghost followers. The main features are free but they have paid packages for specific activities like the Involvement upgrade package, monitoring upgrade package, etc.
  • Followers and Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram: This app allows you to do a range of things, starting from detecting unfollowers to detecting whether your followers are real. It can also give you analytics regarding your posts, how your posts are being received by your followers, which posts are most successful, etc. There are in-app purchases for more advanced features as well.
  • Follower Insights for Instagram: Many people have given 5-star reviews of this app and it is used by over 1,50,000 people. This app has many free features but also offers advanced features for a price. This app allows you to see how many followers you have gained or lost, who has blocked you, show you who your most loyal followers are, allow you to unfollow people who unfollowed you without having to switch apps and monitor multiple accounts through the app.
  • Followers Tools for Instagram: This app gives you plenty of information that will help you better manage your profile. Apart from the basic free features of the app, there are in-app purchases available for advanced and upgraded features. This app will not only tell you who followed or unfollowed you, but it will also give you trends about the performance of your posts on the platform and analytics regarding engagement on your posts.