The Samsung’s space monitor is handsome and minimal

Now, the Samsung Company announced a new innovative monitor known as space monitor, which improves the work efficacy by offering extra desk space. The Samsung space monitor is specially designed to allow you reclaim your work space. It actually occupies the minimum of desk space and also leaves the work area very much clear while not in use. This Samsung space monitor is an ideal solution, wherever the space is at premium. The specialty of Samsung space monitor is rescuing your desk space and offers a tidy desk environment to the customers for a broader screen and also improved productivity.

The Samsung space monitor is a new kind of design in the monitor market. The unique design of this monitor market can improves the efficiency of work by refinding and using the misused space of a desk for the customers. Its frame design combines well with its surroundings thereby capably meeting your aesthetic interior requirements. When you are not using a Samsung space monitor on a desk, you just return to store the flat against the wall in order to boost up the productivity as well as regain your desktop. The minimalized stand design also minimizes the dead space that is occupied by current monitors by 93% and also improves the desk space by 40%.

Excellent key features of Samsung space monitor

Below are the excellent key features of Samsung space monitor that includes:

Free up more space

It gives forty percentage more functional desk surface than the traditional monitor.

Concealed cables

The Samsung space monitor arm stand tidily covers its power cable in depressed channels to stop knotting and also keep your work space free and clear from disorder.

Space saving design

When it is the time for use, you can simply pull the Samsung space monitor inclines you and also adjust to your preferred viewing position.

WQHD resolution

With 1.7x pixels of complete HD, the 27 inches Samsung monitor’s WQHD resolution not only delivers the pin sharp and detailed pictures, but also makes a broader workspace. It actually allows you to view a lot of web pages and documents on the screen with minimal zooming and scrolling.

Stylish design

With its slim panel, it actually features the three sided bezel less screen. The Samsung space monitor provides a modest stylish solution for any home interior or work place.

Height adjustable arm stand

The zero level height adjustable stand in Samsung space monitor enables the simple positioning of a screen for ideal convenience and comfort as well. The 27 inches’ adjustment model enables to see from the height of 22.68 inches while against a wall and also sits 13.05 inch away from the wall, when at surface level.

Simple installation

The stand of Samsung space monitor features an incorporated clamp for simple and fast installation. It can be adjustable up to 3.54 inches’ height and using 3.74 inches of desk space. Even the clamp can be safely connecting the space monitor to tables and desks with a vast array of thickness and sizes.

Robust fulcrum

The arm stand of Samsung space monitor works a robust hinge, which guarantees the reliable and consistent performance.