Spy Phone App without the target knowing…. Let me show you how!

Hi! If you have suspicion to believe maybe your partner is cheating on you than you need to stop what you’re doing and read this now. Today I’ll be sharing with you all the ways on how you can spy on your partners phone or even your child’s phone for free for both iPhones & Androids. It’s quite easy and will require you to simply download a free app that shares their location with you. It’s harmless, they won’t you did it and of course, it’s free.

How to download the Spy Phone App?

The best way I can direct you to installing Location Spy app, is by watching this youtube tutorial.

As you can see, the youtuber visits the website talked in the video, and once you are the website search for “Location”, then press on the Location Spy App to begin to install it. As shown here:

location spy app

It then should be installed on your phone, once it’s installed go ahead and type in the contacts phone number or whats app number and it live give you a live updates of their location. Kind of crazy…. If you need any with this let me know in the comments!