Raft Game

There are different types of rafts available in the market and you can select one according to your needs. The most basic raft that is used for a beginner is nothing more than a flat piece of wood tied between two trees. It is very difficult to control and hence most novice players tend to give up on the raft immediately. You need to gather enough resources before trying to play a raft game. Some useful tools that you can gather include an extra paddle, an empty soda can, a rope, a hammer, a compass, an Ocean Tracker, a raft pump and a GPS.

Apart from rafts there are many other useful tools that you can have to help you survive in a rafting game. For example a radio is very useful as it will keep you stay alive long enough to attract more attention from rescuers or to inform them of your current location. Another essential tool is a signaling device such as a signaling flare or LED flashlight. These tools may seem very simple, but they are essential if you want to make sure that you do not get lost in deep water.

The use of flotation devices is highly recommended during a rafting adventure. Even though you cannot swim, you can use a floatation aid to stay afloat. Some of the flotation devices that you can use include colorful plastic bubbles, tiki torches, safety flares, small rafts and even tennis balls. In some extreme survival games a hypoallergenic blanket and a helmet with a deflated air pocket is also highly recommended to protect you from hypothermia.

Rowing games can also help you build up your confidence as well as skills. The best raft race in the world is no match for a good rower when it comes to getting you out of the water alive. Learning to row can be very easy and fun if you have the right training and the proper guide to teach you. The only real disadvantage of this game aside from trying to row against real life currents is that you cannot see where you are going unless you have a GPS tracking device. This makes the game more like a skill than a contest.