New Cod Mobile Points Glitch in 2021

With numbers soaring of the playerbase of cod mobile, there has to be some glitches popping up right?!? Well yes! A glitch which allows you to get unlimited amount of cod points (which is cod mobiles paid currency) to allow you to buy cosmetic skins and guns! Well how do I go about doing this glitch? It’s quite complicated but this youtuber: Peter shows you how to the cod mobile glitch:

So you will want to open Cod mobile, and find the legal section in your game settings, copy your player ID and make sure you are logged in on your account, and not a guest account! Once this done head to the website in which Peter talks about and then install the cod points to your device, once you have completed that process you will have unlimited amount of cod points to use. Now Peter did say not to spend all of your cod points at once, as you could be banned from Activision.