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Lumafusion is an extremely effective multi-view video editor utilized by reporters, film makers, and other professional video producers to tell captivating video stories on any subject imaginable. If you’re a reporter, filmmaker, or producer, if you’ve got a short video story that just needs to be told, whether you’d like to utilize the newest technology for iPhones and IPods; LumaFusion would be the premiere cutting-edge professional video editing and visual effects tools. If your production has any kind of conflict, whether it’s dialogue or action, where does the line get blurred? With Lumafusion, you can make sure that your story gets the right trim, the right focus, the right emotion, and all of the other elements that make up a successful story. And thanks to one of the most versatile yet least known technologies of our time – Lumafusion – this can be done with the camera rolling.

“What happens when you use these two amazing iPhone apps?” says Will Drishko, Creative Director of iProject HD. “You get a whole new level of editing power.” Will continues, “Lumafusion allows us to do amazing things when it comes to video editors and audio editors. It opens up so many possibilities and opens up more avenues for new and exciting stories, as well as turning small stories into full-fledged motion pictures with a few simple touch and hold features.” Indeed it does and Lumafusion definitely shows the way.

Lumafusion is actually one of the few video editing applications on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that allow editing of both text and audio simultaneously. This feature makes it incredibly powerful. Imagine being able to sync your audio and text from one source and then editing each of them at the same time in order to combine the two together in a moving sequence. Perhaps you want the text on a flyer to sync with the photos in the ad. With iMovie, that’s now possible as well. If you want to get the app for free download it here: lumafusion download

iMovie and Lumafusion go beyond simple editing, however. The two video editing apps have a combined library of over 400 images and videos from all over the internet that can be combined with music and text to create creative video sequences and moods. There are advanced features available in both the iMovie and Lumafusion app such as creating music and narration, cropping and panning, deking out effects and tagging pictures and clips. Combine this with the fact that both iMovie and Lumafusion are free and the possibilities for creativity are truly endless.

Another innovative feature in Lumafusion is the ability to overlay your own images onto any picture or video within the program. When you choose the’overlay’option from the menu you’ll be given a list of images and videos to choose from, and from there you can simply drag and drop them onto your movie screen to put them in place. For example, you may have wanted to include a scenic view of your backyard when creating a commercial for your gardening store. In the Lumafusion menu, you’d simply click on the ‘cape’ icon next to the clock icon and then insert your image of the garden so it could be superimposed over the current scene on the video.

Perhaps the most impressive element of Lumafusion Pro is its motion detection system – you can set it to detect stationary objects and then determine how it will transition between them. You can also change the transition speed and get a smooth visual flow that mimics that of popular movie trailers. In Lumafusion 8, the number of transitions offered has been increased from around 20 to around 40, and the amount of transition sequences that can be created has also been multiplied. This means that now, even if your budget only allows for around four transitions, you can be sure that they will all be beautifully fluid and appear as though they’ve been designed specifically for your video.