InShot Pro Video Editor For FREE!

Inshot Video Editor is an attractive, simple program that not only lets you edit digital video, but also manipulate photographs and make collages. There’s plenty to like about this program, and the developers have made it possible to get access to a huge number of effects if you want to support the authors with either a single-payment or a monthly subscription. I don’t know whether the authors or Inshot themselves make money from selling advertising on their program, but if they don’t, at least they’re making it for free – something to think about when deciding whether to buy their product. It’s also worth considering what else is on offer; other programs may cost more initially, but may have more features and allow users to do more than what’s possible in the free version. The choice will depend on what you need the program for.

I tested the Inshot Pro Video Editor on my personal computer and found it to be both quick and easy to operate. The program works well in both Windows and Mac, which suggest it has a good potential for being used in professional video editing tools, and home applications. The drag and drop process, which lets you easily change video sections, for example, is a great additional feature. However, while the drag and drop operation is simple, pressing the delete button is harder to perform, and watching a video together isn’t always easy to do. In addition, the instructions given are inadequate, sometimes missing important information, so having a second monitor for playing back and examining the editing process is a must.

One of the most impressive aspects of the shot video editor, other than its simplicity, is that it integrates very well with its main competitors, allowing you to import your photos or videos from social media platforms, for example, and allows for the easy import of clips from YouTube as well. This means you can quickly share your work through Facebook, Twitter, email, or instant message, for example. This impressive app will appeal to both amateur and professional photographers, because of its ease of use and ability to use popular social media platforms in your video editing.