How to use Mobile Phone as a mic on your console (ps4, ps5 & xbox)

The common question, how do you use your phone if your mic is broken on your ps4? Well, luckily for us nowadays there are many apps available for download that allow us to bluetooth our microphone to our console and use the mic. Sony also added remote play to the playstation console which makes this all possible. So how do we go about doing this? Your going to want to install the Phone Mic app and let that app connect to your console.

Make sure you have both bluetooth turned on for both your phone & your console. You can download the phone mic app from the website this youtube video talks about:

As you see by watching the video, the YouTuber has his mic working to send sound from his phone to his console just by downloading the phone mic app.


  1. Make sure your remote play is turned on in ps4/ps5
  2. Background app refresh is turned on on your mobile device
  3. Make sure you are on the same WiFi connection so it can pair your device!