How to Turn off Find my iPhone

iPhone has an extremely useful feature which is called Find My iPhone. It’s a simple to use tool that allows you to track down your lost iPhone. If you have recently deleted any type of data from your iPhone, it may take some time to come up with the data. Once you are able to locate your iPhone successfully, it’s essential that you take one last step before you erase all of its content. Here is how to turn off Find My iPhone.

The first step in how to turn off find my iphone feature is to re-connect your iPhone to the computer. From the main menu, touch the ‘Menu’ and then touch the’iTunes’ button. If your iPhone is not connected to the computer, you will see a ‘Wireless Computer Connection’ option on the home screen, tap on this.

From here you need to look for your phone’s user ID password. It’s located inside your user account in your phone’s menu – tap on it. Follow the instructions to enter your ID password. You will now be able to access Find My iPhone. If you’ve previously reset your mobile phone, you need to go into your phone’s settings and then scroll down the list of settings until you see the section where you can change the user id password. Once you have, touch the lock symbol next to it.

If you’re looking to learn how to turn off find my iphone feature on your HTC Evo Shift 2nd Generation (running Windows Phone 7.0) then you’ll need to follow the same steps that you followed when you reset your handset. This is because the HTC Evo Shift 2nd Generation (and all Windows Phones) are tightly tied with Windows Mobile, which means that any changes to your system are also tied to the system itself. To access your HTC Evo Shift 2nd Generation’s settings, you will need to click onto ‘Settings’ from the main menu on your phone. Look to the left of this and touch the selection of buttons that say ‘Touch Options’, then touch the available tick boxes to make sure that your desired settings are chosen.

After this, you need to touch the ‘omnia’ icon which is a little green square in a triangle at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then need to tap on ‘OK’. Finally, you should note that this is one of those quick steps which will not affect your accuracy when searching for your phone. However, it will allow you to use the new feature of using the local storage space on your HTC Evo Shift 2nd Generation so that you can save significant locations for easier searching. You can find more information on how to turn off find my iPhone here.

In conclusion, learning how to turn off find my iPhone has just been presented in an easy way. Firstly, you will need to find the device on your iPhone. Next, touch the home button and click on ‘Settings’, then look to the left of this and touch the overflow button which says ‘typed data mode’. Finally, touch ‘omnia’ to lock this feature. Following these simple steps will enable you to continue using your HTC Evo Shift 2nd Generation without having to worry about accidentally locking your device.