How to Spoof your GPS Location

In today’s world, you must know how to fake your GPS location on the iPhone. This is especially true if you’re planning on tracking down an elusive target or simply using the phone to catch up with a long lost friend. Although iPhone owners understand that there are privacy concerns about the location tracking function, they willingly suffer in order to use this amazing device. It’s just smart of them, really. This article will teach you how to fake your location on the iPhone with relative ease.

The first thing you have to do is download the free Google latitude application from the Google Play Store. This application won’t show up in your search results if you don’t have a rooted Google account. Once you’ve downloaded it, you need to open up the app and tap the location dots button. A new window will then pop-up with your location placed on a map of where you are located. The red dot marking your location will become very small as you move in any direction. While this may seem like a waste of time at first, it can actually be used to your advantage by giving you a precise GPS location.

Once you have your location marked on the map, you’ll need to find a relatively unobtrusive object to place your fake GPS location dot on. Some options include things such as trees, buildings, streets and road signs. You can also fake your GPS location with a photo or a picture of a location that you’re sure will show up on a map somewhere. If you’re unsure of how to fake your GPS location, a simple Google image search will help you out.

Now that you have your location dots on the map, all you need to do is test to see if they actually show up on the screen. To do this, simply hold down the c button on your keyboard and move the mouse cursor over the location you created on the map. If the location doesn’t show up on the screen right away, simply re-click on the or button to bring up your map again. Continue testing different locations until you find one that appears on the screen.

When you’re finally able to see the location appear on your monitor, you can put in a fake name and create a new account using your real details. If you have any doubts about what you’re doing, you can simply use an online banking service or a website that uses a network of different financial institutions. It’s important that your details such as your name and address to stay completely true to ensure that no-one believes that you’re faking it. Once you’ve made your payment, simply log-in using your fake details and view your screen as if you were online.

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