How to recover instagram account without knowing password

Hi guys in today’s blog I’m going to be showing you how to recover any Instagram account without knowing the password or email address now if you have been using Instagram before you should go onto and use the account recovery page.
If that doesn’t work I do have a video that I’m going to show you below that actually can recover your Instagram account without knowing the password. How to recover your instagram account

as you can see by watching the video that I linked above you want to download the recover IG application once you’ve got that you can then log into your Instagram account without the password for free. This app unfortunately isn’t available on the Apple store or Google Play store so you’ll have to get it off the website that the video talks about.


If you’re in need of some troubleshooting tips here are some that works for me make sure to go onto your iPhone go into general then to settings and make sure background app refresh is turned on for this app to download. Also check that you have automatic updates turned off on your iPhone or Android.