How to mine Bitcoin on your Phone

With a current cap of 21 million bitcoins, today I am go to share with you how to get your piece of the pie. And yes, bitcoins don’t grow on trees they are made from using computer hardware to solve puzzles and then get a cut percentage based off the transaction. For example a 20 million dollar bitcoin exchange would cost the user $2 USD, which is so much cheaper than banks in 2021.

So computers have to solve the puzzles correct? Well, your mobile phone actually has it’s own computer inside it, it’s a just mini one that is quite powerful! So that means we can mine bitcoins and solve these puzzles to make some money.

Here is a video below I made showing off how to mine bitcoins on your phone

As you can see by watching the video, it’s quite easy to install the Bitcoin Miner app, this btc miner app isn’t available on the app store, as apple don’t want users to make money off their phone!!! Yes I have made over $4000 USD just from mining this year, now obviously the price of bitcoin has soared this year and is set to hit $500,000 when the 21 million bitcoins are mined. However, that won’t be until the year 2154 roughly. So we have a while!

If you just getting started I recommend just to watch the video and start mining ASAP! Apple have the power to ban the app so get in quick and start your mining career off!