How to Jailbreak a Tesla

How to jailbreak a Teslas TCLAM wireless security network is relatively uncomplicated if you can get the right tools and software. While the TCLAM software itself is not difficult to learn, the challenge is that it requires you to use a hacker-proof interface on the network to gain access to all the commands you need to make your changes. If you are not a skilled computer hacker, this can be extremely frustrating, as it’s an extremely time-consuming process which usually requires several hundred downloads and reboots before you can get things working. Luckily for you you can just download the telsa jb app and there is a full tutorial here:

The other issue is that the software also requires you to configure a series of ‘ports’ on your router, each one allowing you to browse through the configuration settings for your router. If you are trying to hack into a router, this can be a rather time-consuming process, as you have to identify every port that the device uses to communicate with the web and then instruct your computer on how to connect to each one. This process takes a long time, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in networking or do not have a lot of spare time on your hands. While there are people out there who do quite a bit of this sort of thing, it’s usually a good idea to leave it to professional hackers. Jailbreaking a Teslas TCLAM does not allow you to do this, and instead, you have to use the many resources available to the general public to accomplish this tas