How to Install Carbridge for iPhone iOS and Android

So you have stumbled upon this article, that means you are looking for an app on your phone to bridge your phone to your car, letting you watch netflix, youtube and other cools apps on your cars monitor device or apple car play. Yes and I can show you how to do right now! Carbridge is the app we are going to be installing, it is currently working on iOS 14! So basically we are going to start off by watching this youtube video, as it’s quite easier to explain: Carbridge

As you can see the youtuber has carbridge installed, you will want to visit the website he talks about here:

Then go and type in “Carbridge” then press install on the website and it will install to your phone!

Some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure background app refresh is turned on
  2. Make sure you are on a newer iOS update – (iOS 10+ will work)

What can you watch in your Car?

Well luckily, we did test this… And we actually got Netflix streaming through carbridge on our phone, if you want to take a look at this youtube tutorial by peter just how easy it is to do…