How to Install Carbridge for iPhone & Android (iOS 14)

Hello World! Today i will be sharing with you all my favorite little trick that I use on long road trips to make them way more enjoyable. I am talking about CarBridge! CarBridge is an app available for download that I am going to show you how to install and download, that lets you bridge your phone to your car stereo or apple car play system. Which essentially means you can watch netflix and youtube on your little monitor screen in your car! How cool is that?!?]

Now it is quite easy to install basically you are going to want to be on any iOS update, I am on the latest iOS 14 and it is working! For android it does not matter as your system is less secure 😉 If you are more of a visual learner like myself you should watch this video here: How to Install CarBridge

Peter goes through and shows exatcly how to install it. If you are needing any help with this drop him a message as I watched his tutorial on how to install it! CarBridge normally requires you to jailbreak your iphone and that is honestly not good. From past experience jailbreaking your phone can ruin it, and make it run slow SO i highly recommend you don’t jailbreak! That is why Peter’s method is so good, it installs from the website and doesn’t brick your phone!


Like I said before you can contact me on here if you need help but most likely message the youtuber! Hope you guys enjoy those long car rides!