How to Install Carbridge app without Jailbreaking 2021

Hi guys! In today’s blog I wanted to share with you my favorite app on the market right now, it’s called CarBridge. What does CarBridge do? It allows you to simply bridge your phone and your car together seemlessly, allowing you to watch youtube or netflix on your car monitor dash. It’s super easy to install and a lightweight program that you can install to both iOS or Android!

Firstly, how do we go about installling carbridge? Well, you will want to watch this youtube tutorial here that I have linked below and it goes over how to install to your iphone or android:

As you can see by the video, the youtube visits and this is the website that actually installs it to your phone! It’s completely safe and all you have to do is press the blue install button like shown below:


Once you have pressed download just simply wait for the website to install carbridge and remember this doesn’t require any jailbreak!

Frequently asked questions

It is safe? Yes why not on the apple store or google play store carbridge has been installed on over 20,000 phones and cars! It’s completely safe and uses apple car plays system to load into the car!

It won’t install? Make sure to watch the youtube video tutorial fully!