How to get Grindr XTRA completely for FREE! Grindr MOD iOS iPhone APK

If you are into dating apps you are going to want to stay around and read this article. Today I am going to show you how to get Grindr XTRA the gay dating app for free. XTRA is their paid subscription service that allows you have to unlimited swipes and super likes to meet with other gay men. It’s a great service and very similar to tinder gold, if you are super straight.

Let’s not beat around the bush the fastest and easiest way to download and install this free version of Grindr XTRA is by using a modded version of the app available for download on iOS & Android. It’s free to install and there is a youtube video tutorial online here:  how to get free grindr xtra

If you are still confused or can’t install the mod, just leave the youtuber a comment and he can help you install it. It was installed on my iOS 14 iPhone and my Google Pixel 4 so I know it definitely works as of March 2021. Free free to drop a comment in blog if you need any help too!