How to get Free Tinder Gold

Everyone is talking about how to get free tinder money without having to work for it. This is true, but what most people do not know is that there are actually ways of cracking the code and making free money from using the popular social networking site. Yes, at times it really is. However, not always. There are actually some legitimate hacks for you to use that will allow you to gain access to both Tinders Plus and Tinder Platinum easily.

You may have heard this before, but it still holds true, you can actually use your Google+ account to get a free gold swipe. This works pretty well, because Google+ does in fact offer the same features as PayPal does when it comes to handling payments. You basically have to apply for a free account on Google+ and then once you have done so, you can go ahead and create a profile that mentions your use of the internet and your preferred method of payment.

After that, you can start swiping right away. The trick to how this method works is that you actually only have to pay for the amount of likes that someone clicks on one of your profiles. This can equate to hundreds of dollars all in one day and since most people do not post huge amounts of likes on their profiles, you will have to really focus on this method to get free gold.

Another really good method for accessing free Tinder gold is to use a third party service that offers a premium option that allows you to get access to a premium number of users and gold. In order to access this service, all that you need to do is get a free passport and then purchase a membership. This will grant you instant access to millions of users that are like you and follows the same payment process that most other dating sites follow. We do though recommend you watch this youtube tutorial for the FULL guide:

The final method that I am going to discuss is probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn free gold on the internet. This method is known as referral marketing and it is done by getting others to refer people to you. If you get a large enough following, then you can earn hundreds of dollars from each person that referred you.

This is how you get started on the path to making money online with tinder. I recommend going with a paid subscription because of the fact that you can get updates on the latest tips and tricks with regards to online dating and also you do not have to worry about making a deposit. You should go for either a monthly or a yearly subscription. You can try the free trial period first to see if it suits you before investing real money.