How to Get Free IMVU Credits in 2021!

IMVU is an on-line social network and meta-virtual world. IMVU was started in 2021 and is now backed by many venture capitalists, namely Menlo Ventures, Allegis Cyber Capital, Bridgescale Partners, as well as Best buy Capital. IMVU users use 3D avatars for online interaction, chat, build, and play virtual games. The company claims that in the next six months more than eight million people have joined the IMVU network and that it is one of the biggest internet social networks with over half a billion visitors per month. IMVU uses a credit system to buy in-game items and cosmetics for the users character and is probably why you clicked on this article. How do we get them for free? Well there is full youtube video tutorial showing you just how to do that:

A couple years ago I saw a presentation by Brad Callen, where he discussed the idea behind IMVU and how he had developed the concept. He used the analogy of a movie to explain the way that viewers would be able to interact with IMVU’s e-commerce platform. IMVU clients go into IMVU and pick out a movie they want to rent, choose their film from a catalog, select their characters, add money to their virtual account, add items to the virtual shopping cart, then pay through their credit card to complete the transaction. IMVU then submits the movie to the IMVU servers and offers it to anyone who wants it. The client can then browse through the catalog and if they decide not to rent the movie, they can simply “decide not to participate” and the IMVU system will not charge their virtual account fees.

Another aspect of the technology used by IMVU to power its online gaming platform is the use of a technology called the “Social Graph”, which allows users to create and join discussion threads about specific topics and then see who has the most posts / replies / discussions on that topic. Through this method, the IMVU system gathers data on user activity. They use all of this information, as well as their own proprietary technology to allow users to build and customize the entire experience of playing video games using their IMVU chat clients. This technology allows them to create a fully functioning, highly advanced, social network for gamers to play games and chat with each other. To date, IMVU boasts over 5 million virtual items that have been valued at more than six hundred and fifty million dollars.