How to get Free Aeos Gems on Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play, multi-player, online interactive battle arena game developed by Team Galactic and released by The Pokemon Company for both mobile devices and by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. It was launched in a special “Mewtwo” limited event on 24 June 2021 in Japan. It is now available for all devices in the Google Play and App Store. It will be released globally in due course.

Pokemon unify features five players at a time playing together via a browser. This allows the players to have various Pokemon they can use in the battle. Pokemon games can either be played single player or versus another player or the computer. In this game there is also a versus battle feature that pits the player’s own Pokemon against the opponent’s. Players can have various Pokemon they can use in the battle including: Pokemon dolls, Pokemon balls, and more. Pokemon games are usually free, so anyone can try it out without spending any money. Now you can choose to spend money, Pokemon unite uses the currency called ‘aeos’ gems. Basically it’s paid currency to get in game items. Now can you get these for free? Of course here is a youtube video showing you just how to do it:

Pokemon unite is not similar to the classic Pokemon games in any way therefore allowing the player to play as a character from the TV show, movies, and other series that have evolved since the first version of the Pokemon games came out. Players can take on the role of Dr. Pikachu, the leader of the Palkia Corporation, a secret organization trying to save the world from the threat of the mysterious and powerful Palkia. The one caveat is that the browser you play the game on must have JavaScript support. If your browser does not support JavaScript then the game will not work, which would be a bummer.