How to get a Auto Clicker for iOS iPhones in 2021 Tutorial

If you are on the look for a working iOS Autoclicker it can be quite hard to find one. They normally require a jailbroken iPhone to install them. Now, why would someone want to use an auto clicker on their iPhone. An auto clicker can be used to automate clicking on the iPhone for apps and games. if you have played tap Titans two you will understand what I mean this app requires you to tap on your screen repeatedly and killing the monsters. So how can we go about getting one of these today well today I’m going to show you how to instal it for both iOS and Android. Firstly you will want to watch this video below that I’ve shared from com who the you tuber will explain exactly how to actually instal this for your iPhone. Here is the video: iPhone Auto Clicker

Once you have watched the video you should now have a working Auto Clicker app on your iPhone working for iOS 14 too! Enjoy!

Does this Auto Clicker work for Roblox?

Well I’m glad you asked, yes and there is a tutorial I found on youtube that actually works for installing this auto clicker for roblox specifically. Make sure to join a click roblox server that rewards you for clicking, press start on the auto clicker and begin clicking on the spot you chose. Here is a more in-depth tutorial below: