How to Download Rokkr for iOS and Android to watch Movies and Shows

Rokkr is a brand new live streaming program where in you are able to watch many TV shows, movies, and much more at no cost. It also includes live TV channels from all around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, and so much more. When you install it onto your PC, it doesn’t contain any content it requires that you either add a paid or free provider package for it to function. It is simply a web browser plug-in.

You will be able to view hundreds of television channels including a large selection of international channels. The great thing about the rokkr app is that if you don’t like one channel you are able to switch to another easily. If you would like to see a lot of different channels or have a particular network you want to watch you may need to pay an additional fee or simply upgrade to a premium plan that allows you to have unlimited access. The premium service also comes with the channel list so you know which channels you have access to and what time schedule you have to watch them at.

Another great thing about this wonderful application is that it includes live streaming TV on websites such as YouTube and Hulu. You may have to login to each website in order to stream live TV on each of them. I really recommend trying out the Hulu feature though because it is very simple and easy to use.

You will find that once you install the rokkr software onto your PC, it starts automatically searching through all the internet servers for live tv channels to stream to you. It will search through the billions of files that are already stored online and download the most popular ones that are appropriate to your username and password. It will then prompt you for the URL of the file that you want to stream to you and where to place it. There is nothing more complicated than that!