How to download Rokkr for Free Shows and Movies

Rokkr is an online video streaming program that streams popular TV shows and movies for free. It also streams the movies and videos in the classic DVD quality. Unlike other online video services, Rokkr offers both free and paid membership options. In addition to online viewing, it also has video download capabilities to view the videos in the offline mode without Wi-Fi connection. Its subscription fees are quite affordable considering the benefits and convenience it provides.

To use the online Rokkr service, one just needs to subscribe with an existing user or create a new account. The Rokkr site supplies all the tools needed for the users to stream movies with the help of a web browser. The user only needs to visit the site and type in the credit card details. Once the user accepts the terms of service, the box instantly starts the video streaming session with the help of a flash player.

Rokkr offers two kinds of membership options; the standard membership which allows free Rokkr access and the premium Rokkr plan that comes with unlimited access to the movie, shows, and special features. The Rokkr app for android lets you control your movie streaming directly from your iphone. For more reliable service, Rokkr VPN is highly recommended as it creates an internet tunnel to bypass ISP restrictions. With the VPN, users are able to make use of the Wi-Fi network even when they are on the go. This makes the movie downloads available across various mobile network types like the GSM, CDMA, and PDC. To take advantage of this VPN feature, you need to connect to Rokkr VPN through android apps.