How to Download APKpure on iOS iPhone

APKPure is an internet security suite that many people consider one of the best on the market, because it is very affordable and relatively easy to use for any type of computer, laptop or desktop. Just about all of the other security suites on the market these days are aimed at businesses and corporations that have a few hundred computers instead of the thousands of computers that are in use by families, schools, hospitals and the like. On the other hand, APKPure is targeted at home users who have perhaps hundreds of computers all connected via the internet, as well as being used by teenagers and children. Kaspersky Lab, a recognized antivirus company, has released another virus called “FX Virus” into the wild after infecting millions of computers. Basically with a new update there is now APKPURE on iPhones and there has been advancements in the technology, today I will be showing you how to install it; I highly recommend you watch this video here:

Kaspersky Lab also stated that it notified APKPure’s developers on Thursday that their latest app version, 3. 17, contains malicious code that silently installs itself on the victim’s devices and covertly pushes fake advertisements to the infected device is using the victim’s Internet connection in what is referred to as a “Reverse Bot”. This bot then collects banking information, IP addresses, settings, etc from the infected phone and sends this data to remote servers maintained by the cyber criminals behind the FX Virus. The FX Virus simulates a legitimate banking application on the infected devices, so many people are shocked to see that the FX App can be installed even if there is no Internet connection whatsoever. That is not all; the FX App uses a set of “fake application files” to resemble legitimate banking apps.

After detecting the FX Virus on apkpure, Kaspersky Lab has offered an automated detection and removal tool called APK Secure FX. This cleaner scans the system memory, registry, files, settings and associated folders of the infected apkpure apps, deletes the infected files, and detects and removes the rogue app. Users who want to remove the bogus apps can use this tool along with other cleaners available in the market to completely wipe out the infected program from the devices. Apart from removing the virus, APK Secure FX also fixes various minor issues like missing fonts, wrong font sizes and other visual glitches of the apkpure phone users will face. Users can also download other premium anti-malware apps in addition to this one to ensure that all the errors are cleaned up properly.