How to download a PS2 Emulator for Mobile (Playstation 2 Mobile Emulator)

Hi world! Today I am going to sharing with you a old gem. A way on how to play your favorite playstation 2 games on your latest mobile phone. Working with iOS and Android we are able to emulate the playstation 2 console as well as all the games to our phone and to enjoy them in our pockets. Quite a bit of infrastructure and coding was needed for this to happen, however smart people have figured it out 🙂

So firstly, let’s go ahead and download the ps2 emulator to our phone: You will first want to watch this youtube tutorial on how to download & install: ps2 emulator

The Youtuber easily explains how to do it, you will want to make sure you are on a newer iOS, I would say iOS 12+ and also make sure you have background app refresh turned on! Also make sure you to have automatic app updates from apple turned off. If you have an android device, just make sure you can install .apk files!

Let us know on our socials if you need any help!