How to change your roblox username for free!

Hello guys today I wanted to share with out in the world my method on you don’t have to spend robux! You can change your username name for free and within 2 minutes! All you will need is an iphone or android and you can do this method!

So firstly, if you are a visual learner I highly recommend you watch this youtube video here: free roblox name change

Now if you prefer to read. Keep doing so! But that video does explain exactly what to do to get your free name change! Now you will want to go to your settings on your roblox account and turn on Invites from private servers to everyone, this will allow the server to invite you so you can change your name!

Next visit the website mention in the video and then type in your username and also the username you wish to take. Press begin and it will start to change your roblox username! Once that’s done reload or relog your roblox account and you should have the new name!