How to Boot Someone Offline on PS4 2021

If you havn’t been living under a rock for the last 10 year, cyber attacks have grown in popularity. With $10 and a free forum access you can pretty DDOS anyone offline if you have their IP address. Heck, there are even free booters just by searching on google. It’s crazy times and keep your IP safe is becoming more and more important. VPN’s have grown too and more people are signing up for their paid vpns every day. However, there are still booters that will just boot you offline on the playstation network. Today I wanted to share with you a ps4/ps5 booter I found on youtube that shows just exactly how to do it for free and online.  Take a look at this youtube video here:

Yeah… it’s as simple as that, to boot someone offline in 2021. Get their playstation network name, type it in, hit boot and BOOM. They will be disconnected from their ps4, kinda crazy but it today day and age what really shocks you anymore?