How to Auto Click & Tap on iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you are wondering how to auto click on iPhone, then you are at the right place. We will discuss how to auto click on iPhone and get the desired results. It is very interesting to learn this type of stuff because it actually helps us in using the gadget in a better way. This article will be discussing how to auto click on iPhone and how to use auto clicker ios. After reading this article you should be able to use auto clicker and make full use of iPhone.

So, how to auto click on iPhone? Well, it would really be helpful if we start by setting up our computer. Before doing that, let’s make sure that our computer has enough memory for storing the large files like videos, images, and music.

Once you are done with the installation process, you would need to download an application called iRibbit. It is important that you choose the correct version of the application. This application will help you in syncing your music player and camera with your iPhone. You can control both your iPhone and your computer with the clicker.

Next, you need to connect the auto clicker through its USB cable. This is also the same way how to click it using iPhone. You also have to install the software on your computer and then run the auto clicker through it. Finally, you can control your computer using the touch screen. When everything is connected, you should be able to view the computer and see the files you have stored on it.

However, before you go ahead with the recording process, you should make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Then you need to open the iPhone’s MMS app. Now you can start the auto clicker and click on the camera icon. This should prompt you for a confirmation. If you click the command, you will automatically begin the recording session.

Now that you know how to auto click on iPhone through its Auto Clicker application, all you need to do is set a certain time and date and do not forget to turn off the auto clicker. Then you need to locate the “Home” icon on your iPhone and tap on it. This is where you should put in the coordinates of your home through the on and off arrows. In fact, you also need to set the date and time you want your video to be captured. Below is the full video tutorial on how to install the auto clicker app: