How to auto click on Roblox iOS Android!

Hi all if you have ever joined those servers that require to click heaps just get points in the server? Yeah, well most people are just using a auto clicker software on PC or on mobile too. Mobile are actually harder to get and install, some people say you may even need to jailbreak your phone to install it.

What are the advantages of auto clicking?

Basically to just not do it yourself, you could be doing anything else than clicking on the game, it just saves a lot of your time and finger won’t hurt anymore! You can obviously still play without cheating, but you might as well install a auto clicker as they are free to download!

How to Install the Auto Clicker for Roblox?

Luckily for you if you need a auto clicker on windows you can simply download any free auto clicker, they are literally everywhere. I used to use the ghost auto clicker or use a Runescape auto clicker they work too! If you need one for iOS or Android please watch this video here to install:

It’s works that easily from the website! As you can see is the website where you can download it and the youtube video tutorial above shows just how to go their website and install the auto clicker! Please make sure you check if you are the latest iOS update as it could be preventing you to install the autoclicker!