How this PS5 Emulator is changing the way we play!

Well if you havn’t heard of it before, PSemuX is a new and upcoming PS5 emulator in development, using a new tech & engine to work with PC & Mac graphics cards. The guys have managed to get it running at 144fps on good Nvidia and AMD cards. Currently they only have a few games working but it does work for Spiderman, Demon Souls & Call of Duty Cold War. Luickily for you guys you are actually able to download and start playing PSemuX, however it is quite buggy.

Currently running Demon Souls with controller support too! You will have to buy a other adapter for ps4 controller to work on windows PC, or you can just use a Xbox microsoft controllerr and that works too.

So what’s all the big hype about?

Well firstly, it’s FREE! Yes you can play ps5 games and emulate them on your computer completely for free, which is honestly such a milestone in gaming history.

If you are wanting to come join in on the fun head over to their website and download the launcher!