Games that you didn’t know are on Mobile

Hey guys wanted to make this quick post showing you some tutorials on youtube on how to play some of your favourite games on iPhone or Android.

Here are a list of the games and tutorials:

1st up we have WWE 2K Battlegrounds Mobile:

Full working mobile version to sink your teeth into!

2nd is American Truck Simulator

The full steam version ported over to mobile for you to enjoy. Make sure to install it!

3rd is: PGA Tour 2k21 Mobile

PGA Tour is the ultimate Golf game for consoles and mobile. This an excellect port for iOS and Android!

4th game is: NFS Heat the mobile version

This games graphics are AMAZING, the game is highly compressed – you will need a powerful phone for this run, but it is working perfectly on mobile!

5th: Risk of Rain 2 Mobile Version

Very popular on twitch right now, risk of rain is a great co-op shooter that you can play on mobile, just watch the video above!

6th: Need for Speed Underground 1 & 2 mobile versions ported from the original xbox and ps1 working here on a simulator:

Once again just make sure to install them directly to your phone!

Hope you all have enjoyed this post and make sure to subscribe to these guys on youtube, as they put a lot of effort into these emulators!