Explore the exclusive attractions of Guides in the Instagram

Instagram is a world famous photo sharing app, it was owned by Facebook and they launched a new post on its platform namely Guides. This new feature is very helpful to all users to find tips, recommendations and other favourable things from public figures, creators, organizations and others.

Residents of many countries in recent months are struggling as the COVID-19 pandemic. Instagram has introduced the Guides on wellness content with an aim to support users of Instagram to enhance the health in all the possible ways.

Instagram will let creators to connect with successful organizations to share the best resources during this time. This facility is helpful a lot to share tips about how to look after well-being, manage grief or anxiety and maintain a good connection with others.

Take note of the basics of the Guides

A new icon Guides will appear in the middle section of the profile page of every user of the Instagram. Instagram will start revealing the Guides in the Explore section hereafter. Users who access the Guides can see posts and videos paired with easy-to-follow tips. They will have to tab on the picture or video to learn about any particular post. They will be comfortable as an easy way to quickly access and view the original Instagram post.

All posts in the Guides section will be shareable. This is because every user can get the option to send such posts as Direct Message or share these posts in their Story for all their followers to access.

A qualified team behind the administration of the Instagram has a commitment to enhancing the safety aspects of this platform by successfully fighting cyber bullying. Instagram is set to rollout the choice for deleting comments in a large quantity and block as well as restrict so many accounts by posting negative comments.

Users of the Instagram app will manage who can tag or mention them. They will let them to decide on whether they wish everyone or only some people they follow or nobody able to tag or mention them in any story, caption or comment. They will feel comfortable and secure with this new facility.

Guides tab in the Instagram in our time is only limited to wellness influencers. You have to remember that the ‘Guides’ tab is added to users of the Instagram in the wellness influencer category.

Wellness influencers use the Guides

Individuals who have a Guides tab in their Instagram profile can discover recommendations and other content from the public figures or their favourite creators. They can access a new tab Guides in their profile to create article-like updates from their old posts as well as videos. For example, they can create IGTV videos with appropriate small captions as well as headers for highlighting a particular topic.

Instagram nowadays focuses Guides on the wellness content due to the corona virus pandemic. A particular group of wellness influencers in the Instagram only can access and start using the Wellness section. This extraordinary feature has been successfully rolled out on Android as well as iOS version of the app.