Do you Love to Smoke? You need to check out these Rick and Morty Ash Trays and Tools For all your smoking needs!

If you love dabble in smoking, you’re going to need these tools for your sidekick. We have found an awesome store online called “SESH GREMLINZ“, it’s a pretty awesome name. They sell a range of smoke tools and drug tools to help you and save time.

One of our favorite items is their nos cracker, perfect for opening n2o cannisters. As well as their Star Wars Weed Grinder, check this out:

star wars weed grinder

It’s bloody awesome. Their aim to help all the sesh people will cool sh*t, and I don’t blame them. The stuff they are selling is awesome. We also have one of their best selling items that we tried, and that was the Sesh Gremlinz Ket Spoon this little nifty tool is AMAZING for festivals.

If you don’t want to go back to the bathroom and toilets every 5 minutes, you can easy buy this ket spoon necklace to scoop your ket or cocaine and keep on the move. It’s quite a popular item at festivals with many famous people using them like here:

guy at festival with ket spoon necklace

Now also for the Rick and Morty stuff, these are a must if you smoke and love rick and morty! Check these out here:


rick and morty ash trays