COD Mobile Hack for 2021 COD Points Hack

Yo guys if you have heard of Call of Duty mobile it’s an awesome FPS game that Activision recently released in 2017 that lets you play your favourite Call of Duty game on your mobile device today I will be showing you how to actually get free Cod points in Call of Duty mobile. It’s actually quite easy to do and it won’t take you too long all you need is an iOS or Android phone to be able to do this you will also want to make sure you have code mobile installed on your phone and make sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS or Android version.

To get started you’ll want to watch this YouTube video below that will show you the cod mobile hack tutorial to learn how to inject your game

You should now be able to spend all of your cod mobile points in the game and never have to spend real life money ever again!